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Leveraging Analytics to Improve Operational Efficiency

‘Industry 4.0’ focuses more on improved operational efficiency and business models for best competitive advantage. LTI can help partner with you in:

  • Integrated outlook – 360° view of entity / vendor / parts / variants / plants.
  • Dealing with quality issues – Containing parts rejection and warranty claims cost.
  • Incubating R&D & innovation – Close loop feedback mechanism from warranty, rejects, parts failure.
  • Drill-down view of supply chain– Logistics cost, regulatory compliance, exports/imports.
  • Catering to your custom, evolving analytics needs across business units – Advanced Analytics Platform.

With LTI’s experience & expertise, we can embark together on a data-driven journey, helping you to accelerate your business outcomes.

Why choose LTI to leapfrog to Industry 4.0:

Pre-emptive maintenance and upgrades

to eliminate unexpected breakdowns.


reduction in overall execution time, improving customer experience and preventing failures.

Reduction in Data Preparation time

from weeks to one hour.

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