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Why Leni

Agility without Compromise

Get lightning-fast answers to business questions. Take back your time. More Actions. Less Work

  • Explore your data by slicing and summarizing it across variables
  • Explain the changes in your KPIs through deterministic and predictive models
  • Stay one step ahead of the curve with accurate and trustworthy forecasts for your KPIs across levels
  • Generate “what if” scenarios on your core KPIs by changing related dimensions

Autonomy without Noise

Stay one step ahead of the curve; put your data on auto-pilot mode. Pre-empt data drifts with always on ‘Nudges’. Know what, when and why something happened sans the ‘data’ noise.

  • Automatically detect deviations that are likely to result in potential disruptions
  • Identify reasons for deviation and segments with maximum contribution
  • Recognize which events require further investigation
  • Collaborate on business-critical deviations with your team

Transparency without Complexity

No more Black Box algorithms. Understand the ‘Why’ behind every decision with a smarter, faster, and more explainable AI.

  • Understand complex models to convoluted algorithms with NLG powered narratives and rich visualizations
  • Monitor and track model selection and reliability with interpretable metrics
  • Attain trust and transparency in your insights with Leni’s Explainable AI (LXAI)
  • Gain enough confidence in your decisions powered by AI

Scalability without Constraints

Lightning-fast deployment – Anytime, Anywhere by Anyone. From ground zero to full steam at lightspeed

  • Easily connect and integrate your data irrespective of where it resides sans IT or tech dependency
  • Configure Leni’s cognitive and decision engine to your preference, by adding your business lexicons
  • Set up Leni’s decision engine with your choice of KPIs, diagnostic and predictive workflows
  • Test and launch your solutions at lightspeed