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Decision making can’t keep up with the fast-changing context in which business decisions are being made today. Insight seekers need more than just predefined dashboards, and insight creators need a deep dose of AI and autonomous capabilities to match their dynamic business priorities rather than distributed information.

Fueled by augmented intelligence capabilities and machine learning, vendors are developing tools that enable business users to do more than simply look at pre-aggregated data; they automate the distillation of contextual insights that inform better decisions.

Watch our panel of experts, LTI’s Satyakam Mohanty, Head of Leni and Mosaic Augmented Intelligence, Binu Varghese, Global Data, Analytics and AI Leader, Carrier and TDWI’s Senior Research Director, James Kobielus, as they discussed how augmented analytics is ushering in a new era in BI with automated insights and guided user journeys that lead to better decisions.

Key topics include how:

  • Next-generation business analytics tools augment users’ ability to derive insights from complex data
  • Interactive natural language interfaces are empowering business users with diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive insights at scale
  • Autonomous insight engines are providing unprecedented speed to insights for enterprises
  • Trust and transparency in insights is crucial for crossing the analytics adoption hurdle

Meet the Speakers

<center>Binu Varghese</center>

Binu Varghese

Global Data, Analytics and AI Leader

A cross-industry veteran in enterprise data, analytics, and AI strategy, Binu brings more than two decades of experience and the ability to craft digital and analytics transformation strategies for global enterprises. His past stints include successfully building and running large, global technology teams at Cognizant and Genpact.

An avid technology buff, Binu has extensive experience in enterprise architecture, digital strategy, data engineering, and DevOps. In his current role, Binu runs the data, analytics, and data science initiatives across Carrier, governing their complex, cross-functional data analytics and AI transformation programs.

As a renowned speaker at leading global CDAO forums, Binu has a knack for sharing his unique perspective on AI, enterprise technology, and architecture with seasoned data professionals and technology experts.

<center>Satyakam Mohanty</center>

Satyakam Mohanty

Head - Data Products Unit

With over 20 years of experience in the field of insights and analytics, Satyakam Mohanty (Saty) is a firm believer that data science, artificial intelligence, and human ingenuity create the perfect concoction for building a data-driven enterprise. Saty specializes in AI solutions, advanced data analytics, consumer insights, and market research across multiple industry domains. Prior to joining LTI, Saty was living his entrepreneurial dream as the founder and CEO of Lymbyc, a specialist artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics start-up in India.

As the head of the Data Products Unit at LTI, Saty is responsible for the roadmap and vision for LTI’s Data Products Suite, and the development & support of it and continues his passion to bring the best-of-breed enterprise products to help organization take better decisions.

<center>James Kobielus</center>

James Kobielus

Senior Research Director - Data Management

James Kobielus is senior director of Research for Data Management at TDWI. He is a veteran industry analyst, consultant, author, speaker, and blogger in analytics and data management. At TDWI he focuses on data management, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. Previously, Kobielus held positions at Futurum Research, SiliconANGLEWikibon, Forrester Research, Current Analysis and the Burton Group.

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