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Who is Leni?

Re-imagining Decision Intelligence

Leni is AI built for you to experience the power of investigation without inhibition. Leni is designed for everyone, regardless of skills or background, to analyze data and share insights in seconds.

No more data wrangling, visual interpretation or manual KPI definition and tracking. Get straight to insights that matter the most. Turn every answer into an inspiration to explore more – with Leni

  • See More – Look for the whys beyond the what
  • Know More – Stay one step ahead with autonomous nudges
  • Trust More – Less complexity, more confidence with explainable AI
  • Do More – Get set up and go in <24 hours with self-service creator

Why Leni

Agility without Compromise

Get lightning-fast answers to business questions. Take back your time. More Actions. Less Work

  • Explore your data by slicing and summarizing it across variables
  • Explain the changes in your KPIs through deterministic and predictive models
  • Stay one step ahead of the curve with accurate and trustworthy forecasts for your KPIs across levels
  • Generate “what if” scenarios on your core KPIs by changing related dimensions

Autonomy without Noise

Stay one step ahead of the curve; put your data on auto-pilot mode. Pre-empt data drifts with always on ‘Nudges’. Know what, when and why something happened sans the ‘data’ noise.

  • Automatically detect deviations that are likely to result in potential disruptions
  • Identify reasons for deviation and segments with maximum contribution
  • Recognize which events require further investigation
  • Collaborate on business-critical deviations with your team

Transparency without Complexity

No more Black Box algorithms. Understand the ‘Why’ behind every decision with a smarter, faster, and more explainable AI.

  • Understand complex models to convoluted algorithms with NLG powered narratives and rich visualizations
  • Monitor and track model selection and reliability with interpretable metrics
  • Attain trust and transparency in your insights with Leni’s Explainable AI (LXAI)
  • Gain enough confidence in your decisions powered by AI

Scalability without Constraints

Lightning-fast deployment – Anytime, Anywhere by Anyone. From ground zero to full steam at lightspeed

  • Easily connect and integrate your data irrespective of where it resides sans IT or tech dependency
  • Configure Leni’s cognitive and decision engine to your preference, by adding your business lexicons
  • Set up Leni’s decision engine with your choice of KPIs, diagnostic and predictive workflows
  • Test and launch your solutions at lightspeed

Key Solves


Grow revenue opportunities and improve customer experience with laser-focused recommendations

Retail & Ecommerce

Deliver personalized experiences and gain brand share with intelligent customer insights


Accelerate underwriting, risk, claims management and loss optimization with insights at lightspeed


Gain visibility into your cash reserves, supply chain and inventory with advanced analysis

Pharma & Lifesciences

Amplify commercial effectiveness, spot anomalies and clinical trials effectiveness with AI-driven analytics


Transform multi-channel processes and improve supply chain agility with analytics automation

Banking & Financial Services

Discover new opportunities and improve customer service with self-service analytics

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