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With flattened global supply chains, customized products and lean manufacturing operations, digital manufacturing is not conceptual, but an imperative – critical for driving efficiencies and to acquire the competitive edge in the market. Though Industry 4.0 solutions help drive benefits across shop floor efficiency and ‘smarter’ products, the true value of Industry 4.0 initiatives can only be realized if an all-inclusive approach is adopted, where the 4 Ps – People, Plant, Process and Platform are leveraged to function smoothly as cogs in the wheel of transformation.

This Whitepaper drills down into the various challenges that piggyback on the transformation journey and the approach necessary for realization of true value of the implementation. The analysis also includes the all-important sustainability factor which will effectively determine if companies last the race. Finally, the whitepaper identifies the boxes that need to be ticked to ensure that transition to digital factory is successful by design and implementation, with progressive outcomes.