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Intelligent RPA

The Life Sciences industry is well past the golden age of blockbuster drugs, and faces challenges of declining pipeline, R&D budget cuts and more stringent regulations. The need for a solution to manage business operations efficiently, with greater speed and accuracy in a cost-effective manner has pushed the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

LTI’s “Intelligent RPA” is a unique amalgamation of our in-depth understanding of complex processes across industries, coupled with our homegrown accelerators and technology enablers such as Advanced OCR, Workflow Orchestration, Cognitive Automation and Bot Analytics. Our solutions not only help eliminate repetitive, replicable, and routine-based tasks, but also handle tasks with decision-making capabilities effortlessly. These allow organizations to realign their human capital for strategic initiatives. Powered by Intelligent RPA, we equip organizations to bridge the gap between legacy systems and new-age applications at much lesser cost and in minimal time, entitling them to deliver exponential value to their customers.

LTI’s Intelligent RPA has made inroads within the Life Sciences space through the automation of the processes in the peripherals such as finance, sales inventory and supply chain and is now finding acceptance in core areas such as R&D, regulatory and post marketing activities such as pharmacovigilance.

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    Life sciences firms are grappling with the reinvention of their business models, along with the need to unlock efficiency out of globally diversified operations. Technology is a key enabler to ensure this transition. Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI) has built a credible life sciences narrative on these themes, backed by market success in mining clients, on the strength of its consistent credibility.

    (LTI has been positioned as a Major Contender & Star Performer in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix for Life Sciences IT Application Services PEAK Matrix 2017)

    Abhishek Singh
    Practice Director, Everest Group

    RPA opportunities in Pharma industry
    across horizontal business functions

    We have helped many leading Life Sciences companies digitize their core by leveraging RPA and other complementary new age technologies to deliver quick wins and enabling them to become a truly future-ready digital enterprise. Some of the potential hotspots for implementing RPA in the Pharma industry are:

    Life Science Value Chain

    Potential RPA Hotspots in Core Areas of the Life Sciences Industry


    • Laboratory operations and data management
    • Formulation data support management
    • Data co-ordination between researchers/stake holders
    • Drug response report management (Pharmacodynamics/Pharmacokinetics)
    • Connect various databases for quick search and reports
    • Risk assessment/management
    • Records maintenance/management for regulatory filing
    • Patent filing document preparation
    • Regular audit related QC/QA document management and maintenance


    • Regulatory dossier preparation and submission for new product/drug approval
    • Training roll out for different sites
    • Clinical Trial Operations data management
    • Clinical supplies optimization and inventory control
    • Quality Control management
    • Multiple vendor management
    • Sample disbursement management
    • Electronic data management
    • Data coordination/compilation and quality checks
    • GMP/compliance document management
    • Regulatory audits documentation and co-ordination with regional regulatory bodies


    • Product launch co-ordination
    • Supply chain optimization
    • Key Opinion Leaders management
    • Package inserts label tracking and monitoring (country wise)
    • Competitive Intelligence updates
    • Export custom clearance documents management
    • Pharmacovigilance (drug reaction and incidence reports management)
    • Continuous filing of incidents/adverse events with regulatory bodies
    • Sales force effectiveness
    • Health Economics and Outcome Research (HEOR) Management for market access
    • Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for pricing optimization monitoring

    Potential RPA Hotspots across Corporate Functions

    Apart from these, RPA has proved to be highly successful for transforming cross-company corporate functions like Finance & Accounting, HR and Supply Chain Management across industries. Some of typical RPA enablement processes in these areas are:
    Having worked across industry leaders in the Life Sciences Industry that include pharmaceutical companies, medical devices manufacturers and distribution majors, LTI can help you achieve immediate benefits like reduction in your total cost of operations, improvement in productivity, a tangible decrease in TAT for critical business areas, almost 100% accuracy along with substantial improvement in the overall customer experience.

    Success Stories


    Medical Equipment Manufacturer

    Leveraged RPA and Advanced OCR to automate Sales Order creation process


    Enterprise-wide automation Journey of a leading pharmaceutical company

    What did we do?

    Understood the technological landscape, chose the right automation tool for implementation and automated processes across the line of business

    Services Offered: Advisory services, Implementation services and Automation CoE Setup

    What did we achieve?
    • 40% Reduction in processing time
    • 99% Processing Accuracy

    Global Life Sciences Major

    Automation of processes across functions encompassing their global SAP instance


    Automation of Extraction and Reconciliation process for a global Life Sciences major

    What did we do?

    Extraction of reports from SAP-ECC, SAP-BW and Teradata systems, followed by reconciliation.

    Services Offered: Process design creation and end to end Implementation

    What did we achieve?
    • 75% reduction in reconciliation time
    • 99% Processing Accuracy

    Leading Lifesciences Company

    Strategic automation solutions leveraging RPA, AI, ML and Predictive analytics


    Digital Transformation for a Fortune 100 Lifesciences Company

    What did we do?

    Leveraged RPA, AI, ML and Predictive Analytics to identify and execute User Experience opportunities, zero business disruption with enhanced platform reliability.

    Services Offered: Offered platform of the future by accelerating migration to cloud through LTI experience & automation solutions

    What did we achieve?
    • Overall 51% Reduction in Incident Volume
    • Y-o-Y 7% Saving through Automation Initiatives
    • Zero Business Disruption and 20% less time required
    • 30% benefit on build cost


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