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Semiconductor Manufacturing

Our Unique solutions help Semiconductor Manufacturing companies to optimize their Supply Chain process, increase Yield and Productivity by providing access to right data. ​​​

Supply Chain Planning Cycle Optimization

Many organizations face challenges in their Supply Chain Operations with a laborious and slow Demand Planning (DP) process. DP process typically integrates information from various sources and produces demand forecasts that often take long time to deliver to the production team and factory planners. The forecasting process at many a time is inaccurate, often involving re-runs, and also feeds inaccurate results into production planning process.

L&T Infotech’s solution leverages Big Data technology to reduce the cycle time required for supply chain demand planning runs. This allows planners to better respond to changing business conditions and perform multiple scenario runs. They can also carry out what-if analysis for optimal production planning. L&T Infotech’s solution leverages Apache Hadoop open source technology to provide a low cost solution, using commodity hardware to perform supply chain planning with very minimal latency.​

Wafer Map Analysis

Manufacturing industry has historically been a productivity leader, adopting Information Technology and Automation to achieve yearly productivity gains and improve operational efficiencies. Despite such advancements, due to highly competitive environment, there is a continuous need for further improvement.

L&T Infotech’s cost-effective Big Data solution can help bring about the next wave of productivity gains through better insights. These insights can help in reducing product development time (which means faster NPI), eliminate defects before production through quality models, achieve better visibility and control through real-time monitoring of global extended supply chains, etc.

In-Memory Yield Management

L&T Infotech, along with Oracle Corporation, has developed ‘E-Business Suite In-Memory Yield Management for Hi-Tech Industry’, which enables real-time analysis of machine data to identify opportunities for maximizing yields and minimizing cycle times.

Customer On-Time Delivery MARS BI Solution

The speed at which businesses are moving in today’s world, makes it imperative to provide easy access to the right data. This has to be achieved at the right time to guarantee right business decisions and competitive moves. Democratization of data through self-service Business Intelligence (BI) is the key to reducing delays in decision making, minimizing dependency on IT and enhancing productivity. Self-service BI leverages latest technologies to empower users with intuitive mechanisms to create, analyze and share reports.

MARS (Multi-dimensional Analytics & Reporting Solution) is a self-service agile BI solution, developed by L&T Infotech that enables business users to create, publish and collaborate on analytics and operational reports. It is an HTML5-based solution, providing spectacular self-service reporting experience on the web with seamless access over tablets and smartphones.

Market Place

With tremendous advances in technology and social collaboration, community users need to come together for sharing and advancing the developed software. Are community users forced to visit several places for searching and downloading software as needed? Is there a need for a central portal or repository?

L&T Infotech’s ‘Market Place’ is a solution that allows users to browse, search, upload and download packages/libraries/applications, along with demos and screenshots, within the community in a secured way.

Market Place helps you bring communities together by giving users a common platform to share/trade their developments.


Supply Chain Management plays a key role in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Analysis of data and geographical parameters help organizations strengthen SCM and the decision-making process. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) add value with advanced visualization of business data. GIS mapping ties many different data sources together, so instead of just looking at spreadsheets, users can have a visual and intuitive picture of the overall supply chain.

L&T Infotech’s GeoInsights is a GIS-based supply chain visibility solution that provides geographical visualization, spatial pattern and trends of the business data with respect to locations on the map through spatial analysis & search. This suite has Shipment Distribution, Stock Replenishment, Sales & Marketing, and Risk Management modules, which can be used independently or together.

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