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Risk & Regulatory Reporting

Increased focus on Innovative and interactive multichannel reporting

Credit Risk Stress Testing Simulator – ‘STAR-TRAC’

  • Analytics & reporting of sensitivity & scenario analysis of Credit Risk
  • Calculates stressed Credit Risk Weighted Asset and Capital Requirement under various adverse scenarios
  • Outlines appropriate increase /s in the minimum capital requirements as per Basel norms

Global Risk and Regulatory Reporting (GRR)

  • Dashboards for compliance monitoring and improved risk management
  • Provides a comprehensive framework for monitoring multiple business areas like Customer accounts, Banking transactions
  • Enables quick & informed decision-making with near real-time data in multiple dimensions

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

  • MicroStrategy platform-based solution enables financial institutions meet FATCA obligations
  • Provides a Single Dashboard interface for FATCA Due Diligence and Reporting
  • Monitors compliance performance and Integrates data from multiple sources
  • Identifies account holders with outstanding Exceptions & updates account holder system
  • Inbuilt scalability to cater to additional regulatory requirements

Digital Operations Enablement

Integrated Credit Management Solution

  • End-to-end solution for Bank’s credit management needs
  • E-mail/SMS alerts to consumer or corresponding bank executives at appropriate steps in the process flow
  • Built-in SLA and OLA management features to ensure work items assigned to the bank employee are completed on time
  • Ability to integrate with internal and external applications for information exchange
  • Robust and configurable built-in rule engine for analyzing risk and suggesting the maximum permissible loan amount

Host-to-host Connectivity Solution

  • Ready-to-use interface between Bank’s CMS and their  clients’ ERP systems for automated payment messages
  • Unique solution works for multiple ERP systems and supports various forms of payments instructions
  • Faster and secured online payment processing & encrypted data files to avoid data manipulation
  • Bulk payment processing solutions supporting various payment instructions with minimal software / hardware requirements for bank’s client, thus simplifying corporate customer’s payment processing needs

Know your Customer – Automated KYC Processes

  • Automated Risk Assessment Solution enable banks to identify High Risk Entities
  • Enable banks to have a deeper understanding about their clients and their financial dealings while complying with the statutory requirements
  • Helps banks to combat illegal activities & address fraud management & anti-money laundering
  • In-built Enterprise Content Management System for storage of customer documents centrally with better re-usability

Reconciliation Solution

  • Business-driven engine with in-memory reconciliation providing extremely fast processing & high reconciliation volume throughput
  • In-built, user-defined match rule repository allowing reuse of predefined rules
  • Multiple match pass supporting one-one, one-many, many-many associations
  • Allows iterative development by providing real time feedback & immediate results