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Product Development Services

With a legacy of domain expertise & technology potency, we can provide exceptional product development services for the following:

   – ​Manufacturing Dashboard​

   – Rich shop floor operator user interface ​

   – Integration Framework

   – Process Control & Automation Solutions​

   – Custom MES

   – Exception Management System

Testing, Migration & Rollout

We have exhibited years of expertise in application testing and production rollout. We offer an array of solutions in this area, including:

   – Manufacturing IT application testing

   – MES & MEI product migration

   – Platform migration

   – Multi-site roll-out

   – Post go-live support

Global Support Services

We maintain and sustain various support models customized to our clients’ needs.

  – 24/7 support (Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3)

  – Offshore/Onshore Support Model

  – Near Shore Support Model

  – Predominantly Onshore/Offshore​