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Price & Revenue Management Services

Every industry is realizing the impact of leaving out the margin, due to poor price management practices. This is especially true for the Hi-Tech industry, which faces enormous price management challenges due to very short product life cycles, complex sales channels, market dynamics that make planning a nightmare, and co-existence of contracts, quotes, price lists, bids, etc. It is evident that the lack of investment to close all loose ends, by using some standard pricing practices and tools, is one of the major causes. By implementing effective price management solutions, companies can increase earnings by as much as 20%, even leaving out just 1% margin.

At L&T Infotech, we understand the price management challenges that the Hi-Tech industry is facing. Our in-depth knowledge in Quoting and Pricing would definitely be a value-add to help industries overcome pricing shortcomings. Our understanding of the pros and cons of different tools will help CIOs choose appropriate solutions, thereby enabling them to reap maximum benefits.

L&T Infotech offers its technology services and thought partnership to help Hi-Tech companies build a single global repository of quotes, competitor information and win/loss information, among others, to ensure optimized pricing. With its rich expertise in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Enterprise Integration, L&T Infotech brings forth a unique value of ‘everything at one place’.

Our Offerings
L&T Infotech offers services and solutions for every stage of the pricing process, right from price execution and enforcement to optimization, which consecutively enables our clients to make better pricing decisions and more money on every deal.

Key Price Management Services:

Consulting Solutions

  • Package evaluation and selection
  • Application portfolio consulting
  • Building the IT strategy and roadmap

Implementation and Rollout

  • Implementation and rollout services for a wide range of packages, as well as custom solutions
  • Version upgrades and enhancement services
  • Integration with ERP and Legacy systems​

Maintenance, Support and Development Services
Program Management and Change Management Services for Pricing Product Implementation

Our Advantage:

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the pricing domain
  • Experience in participating in various price management product evaluations
  • Experti​se in customizing and configuring Vendavo, and building a wrapper solution
  • Rich experience of integrating price management solutions with order processing systems and various other Legacy applications
  • Experience of building a hybrid solution by integrating the price management solution with Business Intelligence (BI)​

PROS – L&T Infotech Alliance
L&T Infotech is a Strategic Partner for PROS, a leading provider of pricing and revenue optimization software products. Together, we work to deliver innovative pricing solutions and help organizations address their pricing needs and challenges. We have been providing following PROS services for more than 7 years.

  • Pricing Management Consulting
  • Collaborative Product Implementation
  • End-to-End Product Integration
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Report Development / Data Conversion / Custom Development​​