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Payments & Cards

LTI provides banks & financial institutions a technology platform that reduces cost & improves flexibility through the merging of various payment and card systems. We offer solutions which enable banks to respond quickly to changing market conditions and absorb new processes much more efficiently in compliance with the changing regulatory environment.

We provide a wide range of services to our clients in the payments sector including:

  • Payment channels: payment gateways, Internet, mobile, ATM, cardless ATM transactions, Near Field Communication (NFC), etc.
  • Messaging & integration
  • Expertise in clearing and settlement like Target 2, Step 2 & Euro1
  • SEPA solution set: Includes SEPA assessment framework, SEPA implementation and SEPA testing toolkit

We provide a range of services and solutions for our clients in the cards sector including:

  • End-to-end solution coverage of cards processing system (transaction acquisition, acquirer processing, acquirer services, interchange network services, issuer processing and issuer services)
  • Expertise in card technologies like Contactless (RFID), PayPass, Master/Visa card processing and Base 24 authentication
  • Terminal, EMV, PCI and security & operational reliability
  • Package implementation and customization of third party payment and card products