LTI mediacube offers a range of cloud-agnostic solutions using secure digital platform and with ease of customisation for the customers.
Content-Aware Deduplication

The solution enables storage cost optimization, through identification and removal of duplicates using object-based AI/ML techniques and enabling identification & reduction of duplicates in the stored content.

Perceptual Similarity

This solution identifies and exposes differences between content versions, leveraging AI/ML/DL-based forensic content inspection that helps in determining content ownership and versions. Thereby, resulting in reduced licensing issues and savings through storage cost optimization & standardized content upkeep.

Image Analytics

A solution incorporating breakthrough AI algorithms that can instantly analyze and recognize millions of product items based on shelf pictures from any source. This is based upon object, caption, celebrity, and gender recognition detection using perceptual similarity and Machine Learning in videos and photos.

Publishing Analytics

The solution provides context extraction of magazine articles and association of the Context-to-Genre classifications in publishing. All header metadata (ISSN number, author, publisher, word count, language etc.) is extracted and presented, along with context and genre classification.

Segments we cater to

Marketing and Advertising

Our innovative offerings are helping the firms align their operations and delivery models to meet customer demands and provide their customers with higher and measurable returns on advertising spends.


Our solution helps communications companies that transmit data in words, voice, audio, or video across the globe through convergence and posing large user-base consuming the content on digital channels.

Music and Radio

We provide solution for companies that record labels and stream across digital channels (OTT) and through radio customers by cloudification of their content supply-chain, along-with required enhancements & integrations.

Publishing, Information, and Education

We help Publishing, Information, and Education services providers enableing their Digital Transformation by, leveraging Analytics, Automation, AI/ML, Design Thinking, and Framework-driven Innovation Management.

Sports and Gaming

We help sports & gaming companies emerging technologies AR/VR/XR, Blockchain, 5G Edge, enabling them to offer tailored hyper-personalization for better monetization.

Broadcast, OTT, and Studios

Solutions for the content distributors like producers, broadcasters for television programs, movies, episodic content, etc. and the new-age streaming providers operating in the digital space (OTT).

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