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Media Supply Chain Cloudification

With emerging digital and consumer landscape and rapid advances in technology, media organizations are increasingly seeking robust solutions for digitalizing and optimizing their media supply chain, for both linear and non-linear businesses, whilst having complete control over costs, quality and speed. Therefore, Cloudification of media supply chain is more of a business imperative than a desire.

LTI’s Media Supply Chain Cloudification solution is not just based on a simple ‘lift & shift’ approach but involves detailed assessment of operational media systems including their architecture, current implementation, scalability and performance to arrive at an optimal cloud and hybrid operational system resulting in a highly optimized media supply chain for enabling business outcomes. Our solution helps media companies evolve their supply chain to meet their business needs with the right combination of Lift & Shift Systems, Refactoring for Cloud, Cloud Native Development and Standard Cloud Products.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Responsive supply chain for changing business needs
  • Capex to opex model

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