Filmed Entertainment

The Filmed Entertainment industry is pushing aside traditional operations and delivery models with introduction of digital acquisition, post production, distribution and digital theatrical projection, while adding a new set of viewing platforms, including VOD and mobile.

Music’s digital revolution is moving to the next phase. Consumers are moving towards streaming and subscription-based consumption. This has brought in newer aspects into the music supply chain. Dynamics of Rights and Royalty, content privacy and advertising models are changing.

The evolving challenges of sustaining revenue from traditional means are disrupting the value chain and adding the prospect of enhanced revenues for those that adapt to the new paradigms.

To prosper in this dynamic environment, companies are focusing on the digitization and distribution of their content.

LTI has an extensive experience of working with leading film studios and music companies. We have helped our clients in end-to-end business value chain, to optimize their revenue models and achieve better returns on their IT investments.


  • Digital Media Supply Chain
  • Rights & Royalty Management
  • Sales and Marketing Analytics
  • Consumer & Social Media Analytics
  • Record to Report, Procure to Pay
  • Contract Management
  • Affiliate Distribution