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Digital Video Solutions

Recent advancements in digital technologies have dramatically transformed the way viewers consume media content. Internet, mobile, wearable devices, social media, games, streaming services, and a host of other options have opened up as platforms for integrated entertainment, with TV and cable no longer being the primary or preferred channels. With direct to consumer being the norm and with consumers flooded with choices of content platforms, an important imperative to success for an OTT platform is to drive differentiated engagement and experience for its consumers, thus helping media companies with higher monetization.

LTI’s Digital Video Solutions adopts Design Thinking-led video platform designing and development ensuring an end-product that drives engagement and experience for consumers and higher monetization opportunities for media companies. The solution leverages both customized development and integration with industry leading point solutions to facilitate a platform aligned to customer objectives in terms of features, customization requirements, costs and time to market.

Key Benefits

  • Platform designed and developed for driving consumer engagement and experience
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Robust backend powering uninterrupted content experience for consumers
  • Built-in analytics for driving key business decision

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