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In the new digital world of Media & Entertainment, creating a differentiated consumer experience has become an imperative and a key to success for media companies to achieve sustainable growth. Today, media consumers are consuming content of their choice anywhere, at any time and on any device. With the wide variety of choices, even a minor compromise on consumer experience can lead to erosion of business value.

LTI’s Digital Customer Experience, DiCE, enables media organizations to benchmark and to continuously monitor, analyze and strengthen consumer experiences across digital channels. DiCE includes benchmarking across five themes- Perception, Discoverability, Accessibility, Performance and Omni-channel. It assesses web and mobile applications across more than 120 parameters to provide smart intelligence on the health of the applications. It also gauges customer perception by measuring the customer’s brain waves for patience, thinking and visual appeal. DiCE converts a customer’s feelings and reactions into scaled readings. Media companies can use DiCE across phases including prototyping, alpha/beta testing, and on-going augmentation from a consumer experience perspective.

Key Benefits

  • Benchmarking consumer experience for own and competitor digital properties
  • Identifying key improvement areas for augmented and seamless consumer experience across devices and platforms
  • Integrating consumer experience testing into product development cycle, for better end product

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