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Domain Solutions

Our domain solutions integrate diverse automation and information technologies in real-time, incorporating global process standards to give our clients greater returns on assets.

  • Information security for Industrial systems – PCN Compliance audit and remediation services​.
  • ​Automation solutions – Integrated Control System for Process Plants, Safety, Emergency Shut-down and F&G Systems, Critical Asset Security, Power Plant Automation, Plant Information Management Systems, Terminal Automation Systems, SCADA for Process Manufacturing & Pipeline, Transport & Data Networks, Energy Management and Load Management.​
  • MES Solutions – PRIME(Prompt Reporting, Intelligent Management & Enhancement for Plants) Plant Solution PRIME, Manufacturing Dashboard (MDash), PI Maximo Integration, PI SAP Integration and PI SMS Module​.
  • ​Terminal Automation System – Monitoring, control and management of the entire product handling process from receiving to storage to distribution. Operation for distribution and bulk terminals such as refinery off-sites, fuel storage and distribution sites, petrochemical storage, loading facilities and marine, rail & truck loading.
  • Power Management System – Provides a complete Power Management Solution for cost-effective & efficient energy utilization by maintaining continuous & reliable operation, avoiding penalty, in case maximum demand is exceeded, improving power quality, reducing maintenance cost, reducing manpower cost and thus, increasing profitability in terms of lower production costs.
  • Plant modelling and simulation solutions – Process Modelling, Integrated Cost Modelling, Operator Training Simulator and Energy studies for Consulting and Implementation.
  • MCP – IT Strategy, platform design – Consulting services to create a platform for IT Services for MCP.
  • Big Data Seismic analytics, plant analytics – Using Hadoop and Splunk framework along with BI strategy and deployment for ‘Data as a Service’ leveraging unstructured and Real-time streaming data.
  • Cloud Strategy – Cloud remediation and migration strategy, product evaluation and deployment Strategy leveraging proprietary Cloud Guidebook.
  • ​OSI – PI (Advanced) – PI Asset Framework, PI Coresight , Cloud-based Solutions​.
  • ​​Power Measurement and Monitoring Solutions – Load Shedding, Alarm, Event & Reporting, Synchronization & Load Sharing, Energy Accounting, Power Quality Monitoring, Asset Management,  Load Forecasting and Economic Dispatch.
  • ​Application Portfolio Rationalization – For reduced TCO covering application support cost and license management and platform standardization as per Organization strategy and overall risk management.

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