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Digital has emerged as powerful lever to unlock exponential value for the Process Manufacturing Industry- Refineries, Lubricants, and Chemicals. Digitizing operations and maintenance activities offers one of the biggest and most immediate opportunity for realizing this new value. Much this can easily be realized from existing IT Systems and data without significant investments. Technologies such as IIOT, AI and advanced analytics can create new opportunities for further enhancing productivity, profitability and worker safety.

Some of the typical benefits of plant digitization based on our experience are :

Improvement in gross margin for one of the world’s largest petrochemical plants

increase in throughput for plant operations

reduction in energy consumption costs for refinery operations

uptime for critical equipment through predictive maintenance

Digital Maturity Assessment Framework

At LTI, we believe that maximizing value from Digital investment is not just about implementing new technologies, but is the process of reimagining all aspects of plant operation through the lens of these technologies. Based on our experience, we have defined a Digital Maturity Baseline Framework that assess the state of plant operations across these key dimensions.

Success Stories

Digital Transformation has emerged as a powerful lever to unlock new efficiencies and value for Chemical Businesses.
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    Case Studies

    Field Service Experience Transformation boosts productivity by 40% for a US based O&G Major

    Digitization of Asset Auditing process reduces unplanned equipment downtimes and operating costs.

    Digitization reduces inventory by 10%, increases operational visibility for US-based O&G Major

    Highly integrated, paperless production & inventory solution improves warehouse operations efficiency and delivery lead times.

    Digital Twin enables a process manufacturer to enhance equipment uptime by 12%

    Digital Twin implementation reduced maintenance cost, increased equipment availability and facilitated enablement of predictive maintenance.

    2 % Margin Improvement through Digital Maturity Transformation for Leading Middle East-based Refinery

    Digital Maturity Assessment and Transformation for refineries to increase plant reliability and reduce maintenance expenses.

    Digitizing Plant Operations Industry 4.0 at scale for US-based Oil & Gas Major

    Our Client is the only American Energy company to be included in the World Economic Forum Lighthouse Network for adopting Industry 4.0 at scale.

    Ensuring Safe Maintenance Operations by Deploying Electronic Work Permit for Oil & Gas Major

    LTI reduced the cycle time for preparation by 50% for the client.

    AI/ML-based Leak Detection of Pipelines Having Mixed Phase Flow for Large NGL Company

    The client is a leading midstream company with 57,000 miles of pipelines.

    Integration Collaboration Centre

    LTI’s solution for Integrated Collaboration Centre acts as a decision support to clients.

    IoT-Led Compressor Health Monitoring for Leading Midstream Company

    LTI Improved reliability for compression assets by 75%.

    Leveraging IoT, cloud-based Advanced Modeling & Statistical Analysis for remote Monitoring of Critical Assets of Oil & Gas Major

    LTI solved unplanned equipment shut down of the compression assets.

    Pipeline Integrity Platform Leveraging Deep Hydraulics for US- Based Downstream Company

    LTI delivered 20% reduction in operating cost for the client.

    Remote Monitoring-powered Field Operations & Mobility Solutions for US-based Midstream Company

    The client is the largest US-based LNG major with over 18,000 locations.

    Smart Connected Pump

    LTI delivered condition-based monitoring with real-time data trends.

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