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Master Data Management & Data Quality

Data growth is rampant in the manufacturing environment. Challenges like Data Consistency, Completeness, Accuracy, Integrity & Redundancy come along with this growth. Though increase in data is a sign of success, but abundant data by itself solves nothing. The often unrecognized consequences of Data fragmentation leads to problems like Excess Inventory, Excess Production, high procurement costs & Order fulfilment issues & ultimately huge losses in your Financial workbook.

We at L&T Infotech understand data has to be quickly accessible, transparent, accurate and should have a single source of truth. Based on a research from Centre of Digital Business at MIT School of Management, data-driven decision-makers demonstrates 4% higher productivity and 6% greater profitability.

Our Data Management services will make your critical functions like demand planning, supply chain planning, order fulfilment and BI work better by delivering the following benefits –

  • Centralised, Consolidated Repository
  • Clean & De-duplicated data
  • Quicker Decision-making
  • Faster GTM (go-to-market) strategies

Come become the citizen of the data driven century!