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Mobile Based Maintenance Report

In service industry, the field engineer needs to submit maintenance report to customer post completion of regular maintenance activities performed on site. In current scenario (without mobile automation), lot of activities like printing schedules, distributing schedules to field engineers, generating reports and sending them to customers involves lot of man power and travel time.

LTI’s mobile based maintenance report tool addresses all above scenario and enables faster response time.

Business Problem:

  • Low productivity due to unnecessary travel time
  • Incorrect/Inconsistent data due to manual entries
  • More paper printing is not supporting GO GREEN initiative
  • Dissatisfied customer due to delays caused by inefficient processes

Solution Description:

  • Auto-generated schedules are pushed to engineer’s mobile
  • Field engineer can schedule his activities based on schedules available on the mobile device
  • Enables field engineers to perform maintenance activities and fill data using application
  • Online capture of customer signature
  • Dashboard to visualize work Order statuses (open, in progress, complete and customer signature pending)
  • Email notifications on set frequency for missed schedules
  • Completed reports (as attached PDF copy) are mailed directly to customers as soon as the job is closed


  • Contribution to GO GREEN initiative by elimination of paper based reports
  • Improvised productivity; Reduced travel time
  • Detailed reports are available immediately after job closure
  • Any delays can be tracked

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