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Manufacturing organizations have been working with complex configurations, project specific assemblies and custom engineered systems and products. With the evolution and adoption of digitization across organizations, the myriad engineering and accounting estimations that are involved in preparing a quote have also undergone a significant change.

Most manufacturers today are dealing with the challenge of integrating their legacy engineering configurators and pricing engines with contemporary and often cloud-native systems that function as their CRM, Manufacturing ERP, Inventory and Asset Management. The complexity is increased as these configurators are domain specific, often to each organization, and replacement for them are not available as off-the-shelf or easy configurable product/service from third-party providers.

In our conversations with industry leaders and interactions with clients across the manufacturing spectrum, we identified a common thread that plagues the effective adoption and utilization of CPQ systems at scale across organizations. The key challenges and our solution approach is detailed below –

Basis point margin improvement

improved quote quality

faster time to quote

improvement in lead conversion

decrease in contract cycle time

quote accuracy

Digitizing the Sales Process

While the majority of complex product/solution selling scenarios will continue to rely on strong customer relationships and the salesforce that nurtures them, digitized sales processes offer significant improvements across the quote to cash cycle along the following dimensions –

Value creation with LTI

At LTI our team of domain experts leverages their experience of sales digitization solutions and understanding of CPQ ecosystems gained from implementing solutions at various manufacturing organizations. Our consulting led approach allows us to deep dive into the customer context and address the client specific sales digitization problems with the right set of tools, accelerators and IP’s.

Meet The Experts

Rajen Shah

Rajen Shah

Dy Head, EAM Practices
Dmitri Novomeiski

Dmitri Novomeiski

AVP, Cloud Operations
S Roni

S Roni

Director-Solutions, CST
Mukul Patidar

Mukul Patidar

Expert, SDFC
Ravi Dhote

Ravi Dhote

Head Salesforce Practice, LTI

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