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Finance of the Future

ERPs are complex. Finance users struggle with planning and forecasting process, which are time-consuming, closing cycle, data reconciliation, and availability of real-time reports and analytics. To survive in the competitive world, there is an acute need to change how finance processes are run, as well as the way information is delivered to the business.
To overcome these challenges, SAP provides an innovative approach to solve problems of financial operations by re-building its solution, by taking advantage of the power of S/4HANA Finance. This, in-turn, is making finance operations simple and more responsive to the business needs. It provides endless opportunities to renew, reimagine and reinvent business processes and transform the company’s financial processes into a constructive journey.
We at LTI help you to enable agile and responsive finance operations with SAP S/4HANA Central Finance. It is backed by LTI’s innovative solutions to manage compliance reporting, lease contracts for all assets, plus centralized maintenance of all terms and conditions.

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LTI’s Enterprise IT Solutions for the Automotive industries enable you to offer superior customer experiences using our proprietary


Finance Transformation enabled by S/4HANA for leading Consumer Goods manufacturer

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Fast-Track Your SAP S/4HANA Central Finance Deployment LTI’s CFIN Transformation Platform

LTI’s CFIN Transformation Platform

LTI Financial Compliance for Leasing Administration, Accounting & Reporting