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Digital Command Centre

Typically, Brownfield plants have high complexity on shop floor with legacy systems and equipment, and hence any change in Operational Technology (OT) landscape for the implementation of next-gen IT solutions might lead to disruption in the production process. The plant manager would have reservations to make such changes.

LTI’s Digital Command Centre @ Edge solution helps automotive manufacturing companies get real-time operational visibility of critical business KPIs and health of shop floor systems and applications. Having access to plant operations in real-time – implies that the plant manager, plant IT manager and maintenance supervisor are equipped with right set of data and insights to take necessary action and avoid unscheduled downtime of production line and machine. The solution resides on edge and is a combination of hardware device and software that can easily be installed on shop floor and connected to legacy machines for getting data like start time, stop time, product count, temperature & vibration. The edge device has provision to monitor the various shop floor applications and trigger necessary alarms in case of any anomaly detected, related to application usage so that necessary corrective action can be taken. These events & parameters help improve cycle time, OEE & reduce wastes. This platform agnostic application, built using open-source stack, primarily aims at accelerating the ROI of these solutions.

Our Success Stories

LTI’s Enterprise IT Solutions for the Automotive industries enable you to offer superior customer experiences using our proprietary

Providing Capacity Support for OT Platform Ecosystem for US-based Medical Device Manufacturer

Providing Capacity Support for OT Platform Ecosystem for US-based Medical Device Manufacturer

LTI implemented factory asset sensorization to generate a data stream from the shop floor to user-friendly dashboards for near-real-time insights