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Customer 360

The art of selling to the customer today is defined by the science that enables customer centricity. Organizations that have debunked Wall Street have implemented hyper-personalization at scale. These organizations did something very simple – set themselves up to know their customers, understand their needs and decrease noise for the customer; instead wait for the right time, to present the right information and improve conversion and market penetration.

Creating a single profile of the customer by ingesting, unifying and enriching the customer data with first, second- and third-party information to create a rich data foundation is the first step. Underpinned by AI & ML, creating a unified customer profile can be achieved with accuracy and speed that was unimaginable before. This enables dynamic and better customer segmentation which helps the marketing team, to then improve the messaging for the customer segment. Better the relevance to the customer, the more receptive they are to the content and impact conversion rate and loyalty. Such Customer 360 platforms, can be leveraged to orchestrate omnichannel customer journeys with incremental messaging, improve service retention and customer outreach.

At LTI, we believe in reimagining the customer interaction by having a 360-degree view of your customer to facilitate a better conversation for enhanced customer delight. LTI’s Mosaic stack comprises Mosaic Decisions, Mosaic AI, Mosaic Automation and Mosaic Catalog. Using this stack, LTI  leverages mix of structured & unstructured data across various sources to translate data signals into key customer insights using analytical models, thus ensuring hyper-personalization at its best. The data-driven insights & decision making can help automakers to move beyond manufacturing to being core service providers too.

Our Success Stories

LTI’s Enterprise IT Solutions for the Automotive industries enable you to offer superior customer experiences using our proprietary

Analytics and Semantic Web Enables a Tax Authority to Witness Tax Payer Boom

Analytics and Semantic Web Enables a Tax Authority to Witness Tax Payer Boom

LTI helped a tax authority with a one-of-a-kind large-scale complex implementation of a taxation system with proven and best-of-breed products, powered by components such as data warehouse, analytics, and Business Intelligence (BI) platforms