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Warranty Management Analytics for Automotive OEMs & Suppliers

Warranty Management is one of the biggest factors directly impacting the profitability of OEMs, suppliers and other stakeholders in the Automotive value chain. As buyer demands evolve rapidly in the digital era, vehicle manufacturers are seeking to leverage warranty management as a core differentiator for customer acquisition and retention. However, the existing warranty practices continue to be a huge drain on margins, as highlighted by the lack of agreement on targets, high total cost of ownership, fragmented responsibilities and ill-equipped systems to deal with the rising data complexity. Inefficient warranty management also affects the relationship between OEMs and suppliers, resulting in delays and poor customer service.

LTI’s Warranty Management Analytics solution enables Automotive OEMs and suppliers to leverage their warranty data to identify the areas requiring improvement and cost control, while ensuring high customer satisfaction. The solution acts as a single version of truth for various stakeholders, helping improve product quality, supplier collaboration and warranty forecasting. Besides fostering a reduction in warranty costs, the solution empowers OEMs and suppliers to respond swiftly to changing market dynamics, boost regulatory compliance and improve brand image.


  • Effectively integrates warranty data across relevant systems of OEMs and suppliers, eliminating information redundancy.
  • Provides advanced analytics-based insights on patterns and problem areas.
  • Enables relevant departments to do root cause analysis and take Corrective And Preventive Action (CAPA).
  • Facilitates robust regulatory compliance by helping maintain accurate data records.


  • Reduce the overall total cost of ownership for warranty management, by effectively plugging leakages and reducing overheads.
  • Improve collaboration between OEMs and suppliers through timely feedback to all stakeholders, including engineering, product design and quality teams.
  • Help sales and marketing personnel better align warranty budgets and accruals.
  • Ensure better supplier chargebacks and enhanced root cause accountability.
  • Rationalize claims with substantial evidence and robust investigation across models and markets.
  • Improve efficiency of warranty management processes for lesser delays and better customer satisfaction.

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