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RFID-Based Container Tracking

Facing squeezed margins and rising costs, Automotive companies are looking to improve their processes related to operations and supply chain management, to better respond to the changing consumer demands. In a globalized marketplace, a well-managed transportation network and a robust inventory management setup can go a long way in ensuring just-in-time shipping and cost management. However, many OEMs today are grappling with operational inefficiencies arising from misplaced inventories and a lack of proper inventory tracking, resulting in significant cost leakages.

LTI’s RFID-based Container Tracking Solution helps manufacturers and suppliers uniquely tag each of their inventory parts and containers for real-time tracking. By embedding intelligent RFID chips into these containers, companies can accurately pinpoint the location of any inventory, and subsequently plan for its movement / utilization. Through crowdsourcing-based collection of location data, our solution provides a fool-proof way to manage inventory without incurring the cost, effort and stress associated with tracking lost shipments. The solution’s in-built drill-down features enable companies to check not just the location of the container, but also the exact underlying inventory, its genealogy, allocation, etc.


  • Automated traceability of inventory and empty containers, across all stages of supply chain – right from receiving the storage to processing and shipment of the same.
  • Seamless integration with ERP and MES for delivering real-time updates.
  • Just-in-time shipments and transportation based on actual forecasts.
  • Automated allocation of container to trailer / supplier, based on the accurate stage of shipment and the actual requirement.
  • Ad-hoc and configurable reporting features for advanced data analysis and report views.


  • Tight inventory management, leading to increased positive cash flows and better forward planning.
  • Significant reduction in operator interventions for inventory tracking.
  • Better control on inventory with updated / real-time information on container location, shipment and timelines.
  • Realization of substantial cost and effort savings from reliable and optimized supply chain.

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