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Predictive Actionable Analytics Solution for Dealer Margin Management

A complete range of disruptive technologies continue to fundamentally reshape the Automotive industry, triggering large scale changes in the way vehicles are designed, produced, and ultimately sold to the end customer. The vehicle itself is undergoing revolutionary changes, with features such as connectedness, hybrid engines and autonomous driving abilities being incorporated. Simultaneously, customer preferences are changing rapidly, with buyers demanding faster sales cycles, better deals and innovative product features. Therefore, dealers must overhaul their traditional operating models, and configure new, innovative ways of boosting profit. However, many of them remain ill-equipped to do so and are struggling to generate the desired return on their capital.

In such a scenario, the onus of engaging with motivated dealerships and helping them increase margins shifts to OEMs. Given their wide-ranging business visibility and access to better innovation, OEMs can adopt newer technologies to better manage dealerships. LTI’s Predictive Actionable Analytics Solution for Dealer Margin Management empowers OEMs to effectively manage margins at dealers’ points of sale (POS), by delivering actionable insights from aggregated underlying data. The solution integrates with the existing OEM Dealer Management System to glean in-depth insights, patterns and trends on dealer sales, margins and time scales.


  • Mines POS data for better management of dealer margins.
  • Integrates with existing dealer management systems to extract and analyze information across a wide variety of parameters, including inventory, sales records, margin data, customer information, etc.
  • Provides predictive intelligence to adopt the requisite strategy changes for responding to changing customer demands and intense competition.


  • Facilitate enhanced inventory management for dealers, by providing an easy way to optimize their new and used vehicles in tune with the changing market requirements.
  • Help dealers manage margin compression effectively through provisioning of predictive analytics, which recommend mitigating the steps for dealing with cyclical demand supply gaps, rather than focusing purely on volume sales and discounts.
  • Bring clients’ products to market more efficiently by better understanding the demand cycle and customer preferences around the time for reconditioning, photos, pricing, and so on.
  • Generate higher return on capital by analyzing inventory and demand data, and their impact on margins.

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