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Customer centricity has always been one of the core attributes of the most successful companies, who constantly listen to their clients and act accordingly. This attribute has assumed even more importance in today’s age of instant feedback and social media. Capturing customer feedback and responding to it effectively is now one of OEMs’ foremost priorities – be it coming up with better designed vehicles, or upgrading the features of an existing line. However, car makers can accomplish this goal only if they have the right tools and technologies to capture huge volumes of data and derive relevant insights.

LTI’s Voice of Customer (VOC) is a social media analysis solution, which generates tangible intelligence from customer sentiments. It creates an effective feedback mechanism by mining the data collected from social media and other websites, where customers discuss brands and share both positive and negative feedback. Analytics engine uses MPP (Massive Parallel Processing) to analyze the data gathered from multiple locations and user groups, and generates dashboards for various vehicle model variants, features and specifications. It plays a crucial role in setting benchmarks, brand perceptions and letting you gauge the overall social pulse of your products.


  • Captures customer reviews and comments on different vehicles/products from various websites, including social media.
  • Uses Massive Parallel Processing to build intelligent insights from aggregated data, in order to provide a feedback mechanism for sales, marketing, aftersales and quality departments.
  • Generates dashboards and charts to plot the social pulse of your vehicle vis-à-vis those of competitors.


  • Manage customer feedback and deal with issues proactively before they snowball.
  • Gain better visibility into customer and market opinions on products, as well as into real-time competitive positioning of vehicles.
  • Identify and engage with key influencers on social media.
  • Improve the efficiency of brand-building campaigns for greater customer delight.
  • Enhance after sales service for increased customer satisfaction.

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