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Data & Analytics

The latest developments in data analytics present wide-ranging opportunities for the Automotive and Aerospace industries to exploit, and effectively address the emerging challenges posed by digitization and globalization. With massive volumes of data being generated by connected machines and smart manufacturing processes, companies need to upgrade their existing business intelligence (BI), data warehousing and reporting tools. Legacy data analysis methodologies are proving to be suboptimal in delivering actionable insights from the new types of multidimensional data being generated across the manufacturing value chain. Manufacturers also recognize the enormous potential to mine customer feedback-related data for significantly improving customer engagement.

LTI’s Data & Analytics services enable Automotive and Aerospace companies to move up the analytics maturity curve by effectively harnessing Big Data, Advanced Analytics and BI. Our services address the varying business needs of OEMs and suppliers, ranging from customer analytics, operations analytics, cost analytics and warranty management to dealer management, supply chain analytics and quality benchmarking. Our array of solutions–descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive and predictive analytics–provide our clients with significant flexibility and depth in enhancing their Data & Analytics setups.


  • End-to-end analytics services and solutions for enterprise information management, including Data and Analytics Diagnostics & Assessments, Strategy & Roadmap Development, Data and Analytics as Managed Services, Customer Insight Analytics, Sales and Marketing Analytics, Digital Analytics, Big Data Analytics, etc.
  • Covers Descriptive, Diagnostic, Prescriptive and Predictive solutions to address the varying business requirements of different departments.
  • Wide-ranging partnerships with leading technology vendors to offer best-of-breed services.
  • Leverages our ‘Business First’ approach, rich technology experience and innovative solutions.
  • Powered by a rich set of reusable artifacts and accelerators to provide a jumpstart, and avoid large setup costs.

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