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Cloud-based Vehicle Monitoring App

LTI’s MyCar, winner of the Digital Services Award in the “Most Innovative Product of the Year” category at the World Innovation Congress, 2016, is a cloud app that remotely connects people to their cars. In this era of hyper-connected experiences, MyCar makes it possible for your customers to ‘be with their vehicle’ at all times, even when far away from it.

Designed to be a next-generation application for vehicle information management, MyCar is a go-to platform for customers to derive higher value out of their Automotive investments. It enables users to plan their journeys, predict journey duration with multiple data points including past driving records and patterns, perform post-journey analysis, as well as understand the reason for delays or other variations. In addition, the app also lets customers raise emergency alerts and notifications in case of accidents or other untoward incidents, ensuring a safe and secure driving experience.

Built on modern and reliable technologies such as Mojio Sensor, Microsoft Azure and Apache Cordova, MyCar is a portable and highly scalable app, which can be personalized as per customer requirements. MyCar’s built-in predictive analytics capabilities and unmatched performance, make it a must-have Automotive accessory.


  • Cloud-based application that remotely connects customers to their cars, and enables them to manage all vehicle-related information.
  • Comprehensively captures data related to journeys, duration, driving patterns, and other driving parameters to create a rich repository for future analysis.
  • User-friendly interface with features such as principal features for easy upload, search & discovery, captioning, tagging & rating of content, collaboration & commenting, and role-based security.
  • Centralized Digital Media Library Platform to provide 24/7 access to records and data, and easy media-sharing capabilities.


  • Enable a superior driving experience for your customers, by helping them improve the quality of their rides and enhance customer satisfaction manifold.
  • Minimize down time with a 99.95% SLA on solution availability.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by 15-18%.
  • Provide high quality streaming media content on the go.

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