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Auto Dealership Mobilized

Amid intensifying competition, changing market trends, and the need for frequent new model launches, dealerships play a crucial role in the make or break of new vehicle launches. However, with their limited time and resources, dealers are heavily challenged to run their operations efficiently, while still turning around profitable sales for all the vehicles they deal with. On top of that, dealerships are required to support routine sales and services as well for running models, to ensure a consistent high customer satisfaction index. To manage these multiple operation requirements effectively, turnaround time becomes one of the key performance indicators for measuring success all around. A solution which can enable dealers to fasten up their entire operations and manage their turnaround times then becomes the need of the hour.

LTI’s Dealer Assist platform is a state-of-the-art solution for dealerships to manage their operations successfully. It provides a ready and updated repository of vehicle specifications, features, pricing, availability, spare parts inventory, orders, service history, etc. under one umbrella. Sales and service representatives can use this application to quickly access the required information at the click of a button while servicing their customers. They can also schedule new requests and initiate procedures. The Dealership Management team can use the application to keep track of their employee performance as well as monitor productivity and address gaps, if any. An end-to-end solution, Dealer Assist enables dealerships to up their performance easily, without resorting to quick fix solutions.


  • Provides a complete, on-demand repository of all dealership and operations data, including vehicle information, service data, etc.
  • Available on multiple devices, including mobile phones of sales and service reps, to quickly and easily check the required information, without tedious system access procedures.
  • Helps manage customer expectations with realistic time scales and latest information.
  • Enables the monitoring of employee performance to ensure consistent sales and service parameters.


  • Improved and faster turnaround time for sales closure, leading to quicker return on capital.
  • One-stop solution to provide up-to-date information on new vehicles and service vehicles to all sales and service representations in one go; can also help with quick on-boarding of new employees.
  • Better customer satisfaction, and revenue from service and maintenance, through faster scheduling, realistic commitments and improved service quality.
  • Reduced consumption of employee time in unnecessary information search activities, enabling them to focus their time and efforts in actual lead conversion and sales.

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