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Application Development & Maintenance

Rapid technological evolution, changing customer preferences, and the need for increased operational efficiency are prompting Automotive and Aerospace industries to upgrade their production and service infrastructures. Manufacturers need to build cutting-edge, innovative and custom-built applications in an agile manner, and effectively sync the same with their existing enterprise solutions.

LTI’s Application Development & Maintenance services foster rapid end-to-end design, development and management of enterprise applications, by leveraging the latest DevOps and automation technologies. Underpinned by our mature processes, robust global delivery models, and rich technology expertise, our ADM offerings help manufacturers rapidly roll out connected applications and custom implementations. Our ‘factory model’ for ADM execution ensures the requisite standardization, predictability and quality standards, at lower costs.


  • Our ADM Services span Application Development, Application Maintenance and Enhancements, Custom Solution Implementation, Legacy Modernization, Enterprise Application Integration and Data Transformation.
  • Catalog-based IT services based on highly evolved ADM methodologies such as the ‘Factory Model’.
  • Proprietary, next-generation ADM platform, leveraging extreme automation and DevOps-based agile delivery methodologies.
  • Incorporation of design thinking principles to reflect the customer’s perspective in all deliverables.


  • Execute ADM projects on time, without any cost overruns, by leveraging our rapid development and delivery cycles.
  • Optimize the cost of development and delivery through use of DevOps and automation.
  • Standardize services to ensure high reliability and predictability, as well as best-in-class application quality.
  • Deliver superior end user experience, and mitigate ADM risks through robust IT governance.

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