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Healthcare Informatics

Enormous data & technological innovation have transformed the Life Sciences industry, and elevated the importance of healthcare informatics. A collaborative platform, with information from electronic health records, online patient portals, mobile medical devices & apps, can be used to develop innovative, personalized solutions that result in enhanced patient outcomes.

LTI’s Healthcare Informatics solution is built on the same concept, and helps its Life Sciences clients design effective therapies for different patient cohorts, ensure compliance, and create various on-demand reports.


  • Leverage Healthcare Informatics’ Data to generate insights on key areas like compliance adherence, product-mix strategy, customer self-service, marketing & sales, strategic decision-making, etc.


Patient Compliance

  • Enablement of new compliance predictor
  • Shift of focus from 90% effort spent in data extraction to analysis activities
  • Compliance reporting by key KPIs: customers, setup month, device types, locations

Customer Self Service BI on KPIs

  • Enhanced patient care management by improved staff monitoring
  • Effective resource utilization through notifications

Device Monitoring and Fault Reporting

  • Improved device performance and quality through connected care
  • Cost saving through effective device usage reporting

Better Patient Outcomes

  • Easy and secure sharing of relevant information to drive positive health outcomes and workflow efficiencies

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