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Application Portfolio Rationalization

The Life Sciences industry is seeing a fair amount of consolidation in the form of mergers and acquisitions. Pharmaceutical companies are also increasingly reimagining their business models to become more patient-centric. These dynamics leave the average Life Sciences organization holding a large portfolio of technology applications, which requires urgent rationalization to boost efficiency and productivity.

LTI’s Application Portfolio Rationalization offering can help firms effectively upgrade, retire or consolidate applications, thus shortening the time-to-market of new initiatives, while reducing costs.


  • Framework for 360º analysis of the application portfolio, including business, technical, operational, workforce, risk, compliance and cost characteristics.
  • Portfolio modeling and visualization.
  • Advisory team, comprising ex-CIOs, with deep experience in portfolio consolidation.
  • Continuous monitoring of portfolio and underlying operations, using our CIO Services.


  • Reduce the infrastructure and operational costs related to your application portfolio by repurposing and retiring redundant or outdated applications. Channel the costs so saved towards new business transformation initiatives.
  • Streamline resources supporting applications, enabling faster roll out of new business applications. Free up the system management resources tied to decommissioned applications to boost productivity.

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