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Healthcare Solutions across Payers/Providers

At L&T Infotech, we provide cutting-edge solutions across payers/providers to address various industry challenges.

iHealth & Wellness

Consumers are self-empowering and it is imperative for healthcare providers to devise innovative programs to keep them meaningfully engaged. With the convergence of technologies and availability of information on demand, companies are investing on new consumer engagement strategies for advocating health & wellness.

The focus is now on consumer lifestyles and the associated risks such as chronic ailments. There is a paradigm shift – prevention before medical intervention is the strategy being adopted by insurers. Care providers, device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are trying to meaningfully straddle a balance in the curative, recuperative and preventive processes.

L&T Infotech provides Health & Wellness solution to Healthcare Payers and Brokers, which allows consumer engagement through Health Risk Assessment (HRA), wellness tips and library of information. The process enables lead generation; customizable product offering through population stratification; and lowering healthcare cost through wellness programs guided by wellness coaches.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lead generation and member retention through continuous engagement.
  • Lowered claim costs due to reduced re-admissions and hospital stay.
  • Population stratification, enabling product customization.
  • Incentivizing through wellness outcomes.
  • Wellness awareness and consumer connect through social networking.

iHealth & Wellness solution can be integrated with the current SMS gateway to send wellness tips and customized messages to existing members. The solution is a contributor to the journey of Digital Transformation in Healthcare.

cHealth – A Collaborative Health Platform

Healthcare industry is rapidly moving towards facilitating remote monitoring mode of care, and creating awareness and imparting health education to consumers. There is an absolute necessity for providers and payers to implement an effective population health management strategy; monitor patients outside of conventional clinical settings; and increase access to care and decrease healthcare delivery costs.

cHealth is a consumer-driven collaborative solution accelerator, which integrates fragmented entities in the healthcare eco-system by providing a common platform. This innovative engagement model provides an integrated platform for providers and patients to collaborate seamlessly, which enables cost-effective driven solution required by Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated patient Electronic Health Records (EHR) enabling remote care management and improving the quality of care for patients through wellness programs.
  • Secured data access with an ability to restrict view for a timeframe.
  • Reduction of healthcare cost through elimination of redundant procedures.
  • Real-time integration with RIS and LIS using HL7 standards

Customization of cHealth to fit into the current needs of healthcare entities can be easily done to support the required analytics. This will enable Population Health Management required by healthcare entities.


Global insured losses in USD are in billions, with large contributions from flooding, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and cyclones. Thousands of lives suffer in these disasters and insurance companies suffer heavy losses due to these catastrophes. Losses can be curtailed if advance intimation from trusted sources is gathered and timely action is taken.

By analyzing geographical data, insurance companies can estimate cost of claims and enable financial preparedness to handle large volumes of these claims. Geolytik can be easily integrated with internal and external applications to send alerts to the insured, determine human / non-human resources required to manage the operations, and accordingly develop a response strategy.

Features & Benefits

  • Integration of Google Maps with MicroStrategy using ESRI.
  • Use of MicroStrategy Widgets and Donut Chart with interactive dashboard, allowing random selections on the map.
  • Selectors utilized for refreshing charts based on user selection.
  • Easy integration with existing backend applications to link insured members and empanelled providers.

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