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AccuRUSITM 2.0

LTI’s AccuRUSITM 2.0 is the Underwriter’s Workbench, aimed to bring rigor, efficiency and control, by leveraging data from multiple third-party sources, including IoT sensors. LTI is introducing Extreme Automation by way of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, enabling deeper insights into risks. It provides a very strong analytical platform and a unified workbench, thus improving risk selection, pricing accuracy and underwriting productivity.
AccuRUSITM 2.0 brings to you Power of:

  • Single View of Risk
  • Cognitive Risk Intelligence
  • Advanced Risk Visualization
  • Real-Time Risk Monitoring
  • Adaptive Underwriting Workflow

Functions and Features:

  • Automated aggregation of risk data across internal and external data sources.
  • Underwriting decision support for account selection and risk analysis.
  • Real-time risk control by processing sensor data, using analytical models.
  • Cognitive risk intelligence with robot assistant.
  • Risk quantification through scoring engines.
  • Risk accumulation management for multiple perils, regions, and lines of business.
  • Underwriting performance management dashboard.
  • Case management for effective workflow management.
  • ACORD-based integration adaptors with core systems.

​Business Benefits​:

  • Accurate appreciation of risk, and ensuring pricing adequacy.
  • Significantly enhanced underwriting efficiency and productivity.
  • Strong governance of the underwriting process.

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