Underwriting & Risk Intelligence

In the new digital era, information is getting generated at a very high speed. Industry 4.0 adoption is further fueling this trend. Moreover, advanced analytical methods such as Predictive Modeling and Artificial Intelligence, are paving new ways for granular analysis of data and deriving actionable insights. This presents an immense opportunity for Underwriters to not only transform the way they analyze risks and take decisions, but also helps them broaden their role in the organization and act as a catalyst towards profitable growth. Forward-looking Insurance companies are already shedding the age-old paper-based underwriting, using disparate sources of data, and are quickly adopting an agile, data-driven and consistent way of underwriting.

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AccuRUSI<sup>TM</sup> 2.0

AccuRUSITM 2.0

LTI’s AccuRUSITM 2.0 will help you significantly boost underwriting efficiency by leveraging technologies such as AI and Robotics