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Upgrade as a Service

Insurance companies expect their systems to evolve and change over time. New releases of the core transformation systems have the ability to impact existing infrastructure, application configuration, and integration to additional software. Moreover, they can keep companies modern and competitive in a changing business climate. Guidewire InsuranceSuite upgrades support various new features, platforms, technologies, and changes in the industry. Hence, upgradation becomes a core value proposition for choosing InsuranceSuite over legacy systems. This enables customers to adopt improvements to their processes over time.

Our Model of Upgrade

LTI’s industry-leading Guidewire Upgrade Factory model relies on a practical and thorough approach that has delivered outstanding results for our customers. We follow Guidewire recommended upgrade process that is highly automated. The objective is to preserve the configuration of applications. LTI’s Upgrade as a Service covers updates, patches, maintenance releases, minor and major Guidewire releases.

Our team carries out functional and technical upgrades for Guidewire Products Our end-to-end service ranges from Guidewire upgrade assessment, upgrade execution, Quality Assurance and post upgrade support. It spans across technology, data, infrastructure and operations while complying with the scale, complexity and unique demands of our clients. Relying on our proven Upgrade Framework, we use our expertise to ensure seamless upgrades, consistent project execution and organized efforts using existing knowledge base, templates, tools, and techniques.

Services Offered

  • Guidewire evergreen services for functional and technical upgrades. It covers patch, maintenance, minor and major releases over complete upgrade cycle
  • Complete range of upgrade services covering assessment, inception, upgrade development, testing, deployment and warranty phases for Guidewire Suite of applications
  • Assessment of existing codebase and identification of opportunities for scope of improvement including approach, design and implementation
  • Integrated project plan defining the upgrade roadmap, code merge strategy, infrastructure and test strategy
  • A value-added maintenance and support unit that assists after the upgrade including resources from the original engagement
  • Close collaboration of involving Guidewire to ensure appropriate quality support, and incorporate health checks at intervals

Key Features

  • Continuous integration and build methodology via syncing of the current code base and working on a separate upgrade environment
  • LTI’s in-house upgrade tools/ accelerators and templates speed up various phases of the upgrade life cycle
  • Business quality assurance frameworks and test automation tools for parallel, system integration, user acceptance, data, regression, and performance testing
  • Upgrade features difference list between different Guidewire versions andready-to-use repository to expedite the business case understanding with key stakeholders

Business Benefits

  • Upgrades based on accelerators and other proven assets, and executed by experienced and specialized teams, which significantly reduce upgrade risks and enable business-to-boost ROI
  • Seamless transformation and zero-cost transition to maintenance and support model
  • Increased flexibility, scalability and reduced IT cost by making it cloud-ready
  • Improved customer centricity, business agility and operational efficiency

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