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Upgrade Accelerators

Accelerate analysis and upgrade process by implementing accelerators and control upgrade project timelines.

Focus Area

Accelerate Upgrade process

  • Improve pre-upgrade analysis results
  • Quantify customization level
  • Expedite upgrade process

Solution Approach

  • Pre-Upgrade Analysis: Static file analysis to identify the customer added/ modified files in the Guidewire application
  • Finding the Customization Level: Identifying the level of customization for any given instance of Guidewire application. The report will have both quantitative & qualitative analysis
  • Code Merge Automation Utility: Guidewire generates huge complex XML(s) that merge tools fail to provide. GOSU code to perform ordering of XML nodes for code merge in automated way

*** Productivity improvement accelerators & quality assurance accelerators to complement upgrade development and testing phases
*** All Accelerators compatible with Guidewire provided upgrade utilities

How Does it Benefit

  • Accurate analysis and effort estimation for upgrade
  • Planned discussion with users for customization and adoption of OOTB features

Improved upgrade process outcome and ~30 % reduction in efforts.

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