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Product Quality Assurance Accelerators

LTI Toolset
Problem StatementSolution ApproachHow Does it Benefit
RADARData testing of interfaces, downstream data feeds or even rating

  • Direct access to data for testing is challenge for QA

  • Tool to extract formatted information from the session XML of a policy/ transaction
  • Configured to readily pull data from multiple environments
  • Easily configurable scripts to test multiple data segments from the session XML
  • Results published in Excel format for easy analysis

    Focused data testing of

    • interfaces,
    • downstream data feeds to warehouse, printing solutions
  • Enables developers to identify and remove errors early (shift left)
  • Intuitive UI based tool can be used by BA, Developers, testers

PLATOLack of automation platform to orchestrate end-to-end testing

  • PLATO – Platform for integrating the project tool sets and orchestrate an end-to-end test automation

  • Single platform to orchestrate end-to-end testing including performance and security testing
  • Enables faster adoption to DevOps
  • Reduction in test execution cycle duration by ~30%

PDF-DIFFOutput document validation

  • Comparison of policy documents for static and dynamic data changes between releases

  • Pixel by pixel comparison of PDF documents
  • Individual or bulk comparison
  • Compare word by word, images and font
  • Options to exclude

  • 100% coverage and accurate data comparison
  • Lineage of data from front-end application to the output documents

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