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Maintenance Solutions. Simplified – AI Enabled Maintenance Services

LTI’s automation-led Guidewire managed services framework leverages our “Operate to Transform” key guiding principles. This includes

  • Delivery excellence through high accountability
  • Focused user experience through persona-based support model
  • Cognitive-driven automation through improved system stability and continuous learnings from the past

This creates a “service” mindset to make improvements continuously and empower customers through self-service capabilities.

The Mosaic Difference

By leveraging Mosaic Automation platform and core implementation accelerators, LTI aims to shorten time-to-market and reduce the overall TCO. Coupled with our strong insurance domain expertise and persona-based user experience, we ensure high-quality results and improved business outcomes.
LTI has proven experience using enterprise agile transformation to manage complex production operations for multiple US-based P&C insurers. LTI has also delivered services in an onsite-offshore model with improved productivity and adherence to predefined quality parameters.

Services Offered

  • Managed services covering early warnings, continuous monitoring, self-remediation and automated ticket resolution
  • Collaborative demand planning and real-time governance with dashboard reporting
  • Discover service patterns and automation opportunities along with monitoring capabilities to predict and prevent incidents
  • Exception-based real-time monitoring using event-correlation capabilities
  • Process standardization by adhering to Guidewire best practices and conducting walkthroughs, defect prioritization, deployment verification and risk-based test approach
  • Guidewire support workbench to build Guidewire accelerators in support, maintenance and testing activities
  • End-to-end assurance that goes beyond delivering defect-free applications, accelerate quality engineering, catalyze quality through BOTS and improve user experience

Key Features

  • Plug and play solutions for IT automation by leveraging data/ analytics, machine learning and robotics process automation
  • LTI’s automated discovery platform for analysing ticket dump to identifying potential root cause and areas for automation
  • AI-driven automated resolution, dispatch and routing
  • Effective event correlation and noise deduction
  • Self-service chat bots to intelligently automate standard user requests
  • Analytics-driven RCA & diagnostics for faster problem solving
  • One-touch resolution for standard demand using automation
  • In-house built testing solutions to accelerate the process of business functionality, integration, user experience and regression testing using agile testing methodology

Business Benefits

  • Improved user productivity through self-service requests and guided interventions
  • Improved system stability and reduced manual efforts by identifying opportunities for cognitive automation
  • Proactive monitoring and support during business-critical periods
  • Greater business value through expedited collaboration and innovation-led quality engineering approach
  • Reduction in service tickets through predictive monitoring with increased efficiency and low failure rate in production
  • Mitigation of risk through early detection of errors and pro-active prevention techniques

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