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Cloud Migration. Implementation. Execution. Sorted – LTI Guidewire Cloud Services

Epicenter of any business success and expansion lies in understanding how benefits outweigh the costs. Guidewire Cloud™ powers the InsurancePlatform™ in a scalable SaaS model and reduces the TCO by increasing cost transparency, benefits and ROI. It allows control over insufficient and unused capacity of infrastructure resources thereby increasing scalability, flexibility, and reducing overall organizational risk.

Experience a Seamless Cloud Journey

LTI’s cloud expert specialization division, ‘Powerup’ along with LTI’s Guidewire and P&C experts provide exclusive and unmatched expertise to implement the Guidewire Cloud solution. Powerup has highly-skilled certified engineers and architects that provides cloud migration insights on public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure & GCP. It has been a “Premier Consulting Partner” with AWS since 2017, “Gold Partner” with Microsoft Azure and a ‘Preferred Consulting Partner’ with Google Cloud Platform.

Services Offered

  • Complete range of Guidewire, cloud and IT services covering migration readiness, assessment, planning, requirements gathering, architecture, development, testing, deployment and warranty phases for Guidewire suite of applications
  • Our in-depth insurance domain experience, in-house tools and accelerators built from our successful GW engagements
  • Cloud lifecycle management and cloud governance framework
  • DevOps automation
    • CI/CD automation
    • Cost optimization and security hardening
  • 24/7 managed cloud services
  • Integrated project plan defining the cloud, code merge and infrastructure strategy

Key Features

  • End to end Guidewire Cloud implementation and support services
  • Single tenant solution, offering an optimal combination of personalization and standardization
  • Modular, multi-dimensional and phased approach to Guidewire implementation covering ClaimCenter, BillingCenter, PolicyCenter, Data Hub/InfoCenter and Reporting
  • End-to-end offering delivered by LTI’s Powerup, Guidewire domain and P&C product experts
  • High availability, scalability, security and operational efficiency
  • Cost savings on cloud bills using personalized cost optimization programs
  • 24/7 shift-based cloud support team covering 7 different time-zones and 30+ technologies
  • Provide AWS backup solutions
  • Provide secure data privacy as defined by CCPA and GDPR

Business Benefits

  • Quicker process changes and improved time to market
  • Lower TCO and improved cost transparency and predictability
  • Reduced latency of Guidewire application insurance suite
  • Controlled usage and optimized utilization of infrastructure resources
  • Improved and simplified disaster recovery with reduced DR costs
  • Increased flexibility and scalability for future growth

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