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Assurance for Insurance – LTI Business Assurance Services

Insurance companies invest significant capital to transform their business through Guidewire implementations, upgrades and maintenance services. Hence, there is a lot at stake for the company leadership and stakeholders. LTI Business Assurance practice offers its clients the assuredness of delivering the desired results by building a high quality product.

Rest Assured. We Deliver.

LTI has a wide range of quality solutions under Testing & Assurance Services division, which serves more than 120 top active clients. It constitutes:

  • 50+ Industrialized Assurance accelerators
  • 30+ TCOEs in managed services construct
  • 3200+ QA professionals (domain, SME & Quality Engineers)

More than 85% of these are certified testers in the agile technology, domain, DevOps, cloud and other technical certifications. LTI’s Guidewire Quality Assurance team collaborates with Testing & Assurance Services division, and a wide range of P&C insurance, technical, product and domain experts. They provide Guidewire testing services and deliver the highest quality products keeping the focus on user experience

LTI has developed unique domain testing approaches designed for Guidewire that support various phases of SDLC, in-house tools, engineered solutions and accelerators. This makes LTI standout in this targeted service offering.

Services Offered

  • Testing strategy and definition across Guidewire Implementation life cycle. It covers requirements gathering, configuration design and development, data and systems integration testing and user acceptance testing phases
  • End-to-end business process automation and script creation. Bot-based execution and faster DevSecOps adoption and BDD to enable automation-first approach
  • Testing functions across integration, data transformation and migration, regression
  • Cognitive analysis of defective data to reduce defect triage. Application of AI and machine learning on defect logs and test cases to identify vulnerable areas and patterns
  • Component-level performance monitoring and benchmarking with continuous performance evaluation

Key Features

  • Business quality assurance frameworks and test automation tools for parallel testing, system integration testing, user acceptance testing, data testing, regression testing, test automation and performance testing
  • Guidewire tools for source code analysis and unit testing
  • LTI’s in-house repository of test cases developed for the complete Guidewire suite of applications
  • InsuranceSuite Behaviour Testing Framework (ISBTF) for User interface testing
  • Automated code-feature mapping to identify impacted application features based on code change
  • Continuous test automation and orchestration
  • Test data provisioning, search and management – self-service platform for data reservation and copy
  • Persona-based perception analysis and measurement

Business Benefits

  • Improved and elevated customer experience building trust, credibility and loyalty to drive additional sales
  • Accelerated defect triage, resolution and metric reporting
  • Considerable effort savings, optimized testing costs and ROI using in-house testing tools and accelerators
  • Rebranding business with quality as price point
  • Reduced service costs with higher product quality
  • Increased product performance and operational agility
  • Increased flexibility, scalability and reduced IT cost
  • Quicker product and process changes and improved time-to-market

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