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Administrative Data Control Accelerators

Improve control and compliance on administrative data by providing visual presentation across various entities and administrative teams.

Focus Area

User Data control and Compliance – Claim Audit

  • Visual representation of GW user data
  • Relationship view of user entities
  • Compliance with business and IT regulations

Solution Approach

  • Matrix View: Visual representation in matrix view of users, roles, permissions in real-time
  • Admin Data – Audit Trail: Capturing history events associated with changes in admin entities such as role, group, user, script parameter etc. for auditing purpose
  • Data Sync Utility : Automated tool to sync user admin data between production and non-production environments for data consistency

How Does it Benefit

  • Visual representation of user data for validation
  • Better audit control for each user entity
  • Real-time tracking of user profile
  • Downloadable user admin data reports for auditing

Improved admin efficiency, better audit control and 100% compliance.

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