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LTI provides deep Insurance domain expertise to its clients, backed by a strong team of 3800+ insurance associates and 350+ Insurance domain consultants. With more than 70% resources certified in the insurance sector, we are a partner of choice for our clients globally.

At LTI, we provide innovative solutions across the lifecycle of Guidewire implementations. Our expertise encompasses Program Management and Change Management solutions for PolicyCenter, BillingCenter and ClaimCenter across geographies. What differentiates our Guidewire practice is the end-to-end transformation solutions we’ve designed using Guidewire for Policy, Billing and Claims functions. Our expert 100+ member strong Guidewire team ably supports platform upgrade, portals, data conversion and migration, thus delivering value and reducing the overall total cost of ownership for the insurer. Through continuous learning initiatives and certification programs, our consultants ensure that they are up-to-speed with the latest Guidewire Product Suite & practices, to serve our clients optimally & consistently.


Strategic Positioning

Strategic Positioning

LTI’s strong competency and expertise in Guidewire platform has led to a trusted association with Guidewire – an alliance that has forged the path towards mutual success. Through this strong collaboration, we have accomplished ready access to Guidewire’s preferential product support, their state-of-the-art training facilities, and insights into their product roadmaps.

Deep Experience

Deep Experience

300+ person years of experience in delivering solutions across Architectural Design, Implementation, Upgrade, 
Migration, Integration, Performance and Automation, for the Guidewire platform. 
Significant experience in InsuranceSuite (PC,BC,CC), Agent Portal,Data Hub and Infocenter.

Strong Competency

Strong Competency

Young and versatile; Guidewire practice of 100+ dedicated Consultants, supported by a comprehensive Guidewire Center of Excellence. More then 80% consultants have techno-functional expertise and  certified by ‘Guidewire Education’ and ‘The Institutes’.

Smart Underwriting

Smart Underwriting

Integrated solution with Guidewire platform to drive underwriting rigor and discipline. Enables smarter underwriting decision-making  through deeper risk insights, intelligent risk scoring and smarter approach to risk evaluations.

Operations  Transformation

Operations Transformation

Machine Learning-driven Robotic Automation to transform insurance operations, enabled by the Guidewire platform. Enables smart processes by reducing errors and driving faster business outcomes.

Extreme Automation

Extreme Automation

Unique Automation suite and self-healing systems for drastic cost reduction and improved time-to-market across Guidewire implementation, support and upgrade projects.

5 Challenges in Implementing GDPR

1) Zero critical defects and 1.25X acceleration by leveraging 50+ core implementation accelerators

2) 30% savings in support and maintenance costs by leveraging Mosaic Automation Platform

3) Upgrade-As-A-Service for Guidewire Platform

4) 40% Improvement in QA productivity by leveraging Guidewire-specific QA accelerators suite

5) Accelerate Digital Transformation journey by leveraging LTI’s add-on Mosaic ‘Go Digital’ solution set

Digital Accelerators for Guidewire Platform

AccuRUSITM – Underwriter’s Workbench, enabling Granular View of Risk

  • Unified working environment for Underwriters
  • Ready Integration with Third-Party Data Providers
  • Smart Underwriting Process Controls and Alerts
  • Risk Accumulation Management

Drive Profitable Business Growth through Rigorous and Disciplined Underwriting

Predictive Risk Modeling for Smart Underwriting using Guidewire platform

  • Prediction Models for Loss Ratio, Win Probability and Customer Lifetime Value
  • Deeper Insights into Book-of-Business Performance
  • Prescriptive Pricing and Selection

Driving Automation across Guidewire Support Lifecycle

  • Machine Learning solution for Work Elimination and Faster Ticket Resolution
  • Experience Transformation using Cognitive Automation and Self-Diagnostic Tools
  • Exception-based Real-Time Monitoring using Event-Correlation Capabilities
  • Continuous Benchmarking assuring Predictability and Quality

Robotic Automation Tool for Product Configuration and Setup

Guidewire Automation Solutions for
  • Configuration of –
    • Coverage Setup
    • Screen Design
    • Forms Configuration
    • Rate Setup
  • Quality Assurance

Reduced Time-to-Market for New Products

DIVA (Guidewire Intelligent Virtual Assistant)

  • Virtual Underwriting Support
  • Agent Sales Assistant
  • Customer Advisor Bot
  • Claim Adjuster Assistant

Drive 3X Operational Efficiencies and Experience Transformation for Agents / Customers

Smart Process Automation solutions on Guidewire platform

  • Automation Suite for –
    • Submission entry
    • Post issuance policy transactions
    • Claims Intake
    • Claims Status
    • Billing Processing
  • Reduce Cost of Operations by Eliminating Process Inefficiencies

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