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Duck Creek – Run Digital

Key Benefits

30% savings in support & maintenance costs, by leveraging Mosaic Automation Platform

Duck Creek Platform performance optimization by as much as 20%

40% improvement in QA productivity, by leveraging Duck Creek-specific QA accelerators suite

Template and Platform Upgrade-as-a-Service

Our Offerings

Duck Creek ISO Currency (Template Upgrade)


Keeping up with the regular releases of ISO circulars is a pain area for most Insurers. Duck Creek, by virtue of its partnership with ISO, also releases the ISO changes as part of its minor and major releases. However, for Duck Creek customers to analyze and adopt these templates is a huge effort.


  • Template update utility helps seamlessly identify changes and gives a user-friendly interface to determine the changes and aid in their adoption.
  • Helps user to make appropriate decision for template update.
  • Compare version changes in manuscripts, forms and Rate-table, and highlights overridden items.
  • Plug and play tools.
  • Interactive dashboards & hyper collaboration.

  • Enables faster impact analysis and development.
  • Reduces implementation efforts by ~50-60%.
  • Easy-to-use web interface for non-technical users.
  • Significantly reduces manual effort for template updates.

Duck Creek Technical Currency (Platform Upgrade)


Duck Creek rolls out at regular intervals, both minor and major product version releases, which contain advanced features and existing product fixes. Therefore, it becomes imperative for insurers to keep the platform updated at regular intervals. Also, Duck Creek ceases to provide product support after a certain point in time (older versions).


  • Current system analysis & identification of potential impact areas.
  • Mod Type Analysis with difference of changes in two versions.
  • Adoption of automation and best practices.
  • New features feasibility study / applicability.
  • Automatic impact analysis by analyzing base version and latest version manuscripts.

  • Reduces platform upgrade efforts by ~20-30%.
  • Minimal business disruption.
  • Clear understanding and inventory of platform impact & integration points.
  • Reduction in the overall upgrade timeline through use of our custom toolkits.

Duck Creek – Run Digital

LTI’s Mosaic Automation Platform – Broad Spectrum of Solutions for IT Operations using Analytics, RPA, Machine Learning and Orchestration.


LTI’s RunDigital Framework, based on its Mosaic Automation platform, for managing production services and driving Automation across Duck Creek Support lifecycle.

  • ML-based solution for work elimination and faster ticket resolution.
  • Experience transformation, using cognitive automation and self-diagnostic tools.
  • Exception-based real-time monitoring, using event-correlation capabilities.
  • Continuous benchmarking, assuring predictability and quality.
  • Deep understanding from implementation and support of Duck Creek platform across locations
  • Well established process of transition plan
  • 200+ dedicated Duck Creek consultants
  • 550+ person years of experience
  • Automated migration of ~1 million policies
  • Extensive Automation by leveraging custom DC-specific accelerators and solutions:
    • Policy Migration Tool
    • Automated Test Regression Tool
    • Automated Manuscript Version Utility
    • DC Forms Version Management Tool
    • DC Platform Upgrade Analyzer Toolkit
    • DC Platform Upgrade Utility
    • DC ISO Template Upgrade Utility