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Connected Insurance

Connected Insurance: Reinvent your Business Model

The Insurance industry is facing transformation of an extraordinary scale. While Insurance companies continue to address growth and profitability concerns through incremental improvements in operating models, new business models that will completely shift the industry dynamics are being evaluated. Proliferation of Sensors, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, amongst other digital technologies, are opening new possibilities for insurance companies in a world dominated by physical and digital convergence.

At LTI, we are equipped to guide insurance companies through this complex business environment. We deliver business results through our Consulting and IT services, by drawing upon a combination of deep insurance and technology expertise, innovative intellectual assets and strong delivery models. LTI has been at the forefront of managing business transformation programs for clients across the globe. Through our “Connected Insurance” service offerings, we deliver innovative solutions around Connected Homes, Cars and Enterprises, right from Conceptualization to Realization. By leveraging our expertise in Digital Ecosystem and Insurance Domain, we help the insurance industry transform customer engagement, improve underwriting rigor, optimize claims operations, and conceptualize new product variants & services.

LTI is uniquely positioned to be a value-partner in adoption and implementation of the connected Insurance solutions. Leveraging a combination of our rich Insurance domain experience, strong partner ecosystem and deep expertise of our parent L&T group in Smart cities and Smart factories, we design and deliver solutions for the Digital Insurer.

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    Connected Insurance

    Connected Insurance

    LTI specializes in designing and delivering solutions leveraging IoT for the Digital Insurer.