Connected Car Solution

LTI has brought forth cutting edge innovation in the form of automatic, using MOSAIC™ Central Framework as the key enabler to realize the various opportunities around telematics data. We have chosen a framework-based approach, considering the niche technologies like Big Data, to fulfill requirements. Connected Car solution enables leveraging the ‘Vehicle Telematics’ data, to build analytics for enhancement of ROI on predictive maintenance. This can be used by OEMs, Service Dealers and Fleet Management companies, as well as by the Insurance providers, to analyze demand and monitor the fleet & claims data.​

Business Benefits​:

  • Optimize vehicle efficiency by real-time inputs.
  • Predictive maintenance of vehicles by churning the telematics data.
  • Warranty optimization & failure analysis by deriving trends & patterns.
  • Visibility of potential vehicle recalls and warranty claims. ​
  • Design refinement input to R&D.​
  • Driver behavior profiling​. ​​​​