CloudX​TM is designed to help clients create a service-oriented infrastructure, by integrating a set of tools, technologies & offerings, with best practices and guidance. CloudX​TM is L&T Infotech’s Cloud Management Toolkit, which can help large organizations transform heterogeneous physical infrastructure into a private cloud. Optimized for both, performance and cost, CloudX​TM​​ is agnostic to the underlying virtualization platform, and dramatically enhances self-provisioning and de-provisioning of IT assets. Its ability to delegate administration of a fixed amount of computing units, licensing units, monitoring the running usage of provisioned units, and use of licenses, gives it a unique edge.

Business Benefits​:

  • ​No vendor lock-in for Virtualization Technology.
  • Average provisioning time reduces from days to minutes.
  • Intelligent provisioning maximizes usage of computing resources by reducing Capex (Capital Expenditure) Budget.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to shared infrastructure​.