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Product Bundling and Marketplace Enablement for Technology Distributors

It is essential for technology distributors to enable resellers to build final products based on the configuration recommended by product managers. They should also help resellers publish products into marketplaces such as Amazon, and fulfill products purchased by the end consumers, in order to not lose any business opportunity.

The solution provides a web app where product managers manage product configurations, and resellers get to see these. It also helps resellers publish distributors / configured products onto the Amazon marketplace and manage them effectively.

Key Highlights

  • Easy-to-use configuration wizard for product managers, to define and manage configurations, associated parts and rules
  • Global search engine for configuration part categories and sub-categories
  • Rule engine for parts selection
  • Easy configuration publishing mechanism to resellers
  • Web-plugin for resellers to publish and manage distributor products onto the Amazon Marketplace with the SKU quantity and price
  • Approval workflows for reseller to review, approve or reject end-consumer orders from Amazon
  • Easy fulfilment tracking mechanism

Key Benefits

  • Effective way for resellers to build final products
  • Faster product launches onto the Amazon marketplace

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